About Us

Inspiring the world to reconnect with nature and bring families together through the beauty of their gardens.

At Inspiring Landscape Solutions, we want you to come home to an oasis, a beautiful private outdoor environment that has been designed on your own terms, in your own time, and to your own budget.

We believe that developing a deep connection to nature in a garden designed for your family fosters the imagination, improves your wellbeing, and enhances a blissful family life.

Inspiring Landscape Solutions aims to restore time in your life to reconnect to nature through a well-nourished garden made for your family. Not only that, we’re here to empower you to be confident in your own outdoors.

“Most of all, what stood out for me was Parveen’s personable and pleasant nature and her patience and understanding.

She considered all members of our family, including our dog, in her suggestions and ideas for our new and improved rear garden.”

Silvana Alberti

We Love …

… thinking outside the box.

… creating inviting spaces.

… building in long-term practicality in maintenance and use.

… blending softscapes (plants) and hardscapes.

… elements that “pop”.

… plants, textures, and art.

… going on a journey with you.

… fulfilling your creative dream!

Hi, I’m Parveen, Your Landscape Designer for Melbourne and Beyond

I‘ve always believed that a garden is so much more than a showpiece. It’s a place to achieve a meditative state of mind, absorb Vitamin D, exercise, and get away from it all.

Connecting with the outdoors is a passion that runs in my blood. From my earliest childhood memories in Malaysia, my parents used the outdoors as a space to unwind and reconnect with me and my brother after long days at the office.

They always encouraged us to explore and play in nature and to learn about how our food comes from the ground. My childhood garden was filled with everything from spinach to coconut trees. My mum made curries from our homegrown bananas and we distributed our produce among the neighbours.

I came to equate our garden with the overall health and wellbeing of my family.

But when I moved to Melbourne and became a successful accountant, everything changed. Sure, I had a healthy bank account, but I became too stressed and overwhelmed to take care of my home.

Every time I drove up the driveway at the end of a long day, I felt despair. My house was a mess, but more importantly, my garden was disorganised. I felt totally disconnected from the one place that should have been my sanctuary away from a stressed and overwhelming office.

So, I decided to reinvest my energy in nature. After designing my own garden and then several of my friends’, I decided to abandon the rat race and start Inspiring Landscape Solutions.

Managing 3 young children and a thriving business, my backyard has become a sanctuary for me, as my childhood garden was to my parents.

Reflecting my family’s personality, it is place of vibrant colour and texture. Its experimental design is a delight for all the senses. At any moment, we can hear birdsong or wind chimes. We can pick produce off our apricot, orange, and almond trees. And it has become the perfect oasis I’ve always dreamed of.

Parveen really took the time to understand what I wanted and the kind of space that would suit my interests and lifestyle. I was delighted that she brought her enthusiasm and expertise to my project, and I now have so many wonderful ideas about how to create my dream garden!

Sarah Bell

But You can Have This Too

I started Inspiring Landscape Solutions after realising everyone deserves a garden oasis – a space that restores your energy, reinvigorates your creativity, and even provides for your kitchen! But ultimately, a space that works for you.

Just as you see in my (current) logo, I feature earthy elements such as woodwork, metals, and natural materials heavily in layered textures throughout my designs. My logo represents my deep sense of connection to nature and the imagination, and my reverence for creativity in coming up with unique tones, shapes, and colours for your garden.

I combine my mum’s passion for gardening with my dad’s meticulous planning and practicality. That’s why Inspiring Landscape Solutions is all about getting the layout, functionality, and elements in your garden just right for your family.

Are you ready to have a garden oasis where you can build your family, create memories, and unwind from the chaos of life?

We Pride Ourselves on Expectational Customer Service …

Melbourne-based Landscape Designers

Inspiring Landscape Solutions is based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne but as we continue to grow, we’re expanding into designing outdoor spaces for home in other states, including New South Wales, Western Australia, and South Australia.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing that everything we do is of the highest quality.

Our director, Parveen, is a member of the following associations and holds the following relevant accreditations:

  • Member of Landscaping Victoria, Master Landscapers – Full Designer Member
  • Member of Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Management
  • Certificate IV Landscape Design
  • Certificate III Landscape Construction
Landscaping Victoria Master Designer member Parveen Dhaliwal
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