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Inspiring the world to reconnect with nature and bring families together through the beauty of their gardens.



Our vision is to create inspiring landscapes that will have a lasting impact on the life and well-being of your whole family.

Once upon a tree...

Our logo bears a lot of meaning, it is inspired by a combination of experience and imagination, giving rise to connections between people, architecture and the land.  It tells the story of your garden growing from a little tree to a well nourished, vibrant and magnificently large one as I sit pondering in its shade watching it grow to its potential.  My little butterflies, representing my wonderful children are also part of this journey, adding love, laughter and a blissful family life. The happy bright colours are truly what my eye sees when I sit in awe of mother nature’s creation and hope that I do it justice each time I partake in a new project.  If you have not guessed already, the beautiful tree I’ve chosen is a crepe myrtle which is delightful in all seasons and is one of my absolute favourite plants reminding me of my childhood spent always in the garden and my wonderful parents, to whom I owe my passion to gardening to.

Parveen Dhaliwal

We pride ourselves on exceptional client service.

Lead Designer

Hi!!  I’m a fully qualified garden designer and my idea of landscape design is something that is visually attractive and reflective of each person or family’s unique personality!

I love creating inviting spaces.

I love building in long term-practicality in maintenance and use.

I love the blend of soft (plants) and hardscapes.

I love elements that “pop”.

I love plants, textures and art.

I understand a young family’s needs given kids of my own.

I love your input and going on a journey with you.

I love fulfilling your creative dream!

Parveen Dhaliwal

Inspiring Landscape Solutions are members of the following organisations which gives our clients peace of mind knowing that everything we do is of the absolute highest quality.

Our director, Parveen is a member of the following associations and holds the following relevant accreditation:

  • Member of Landscape Institute of Victoria
  • Member of Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Management
  • Certificate IV Landscape Design
  • Certificate III Landscape Construction

Parveen is also a former member of the following associations:

  • Australian Institute of Company Directors; and
  • Australian Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand
  • Member of Master Builders Association of Victoria

Parveen holds a certificate of completion for the aforementioned institutes’ courses.

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