Feng Shui Garden Design

Feng Shui Principles

We are now able to provide landscape design services based on general Feng Shui principles.

This essentially is a practical philosophy which builds on choosing the right plants, colours and elements that work in harmony with each other and the surrounding area to promote a free flow of positive energy (chi) through your garden, creating an auspicious outdoor haven.

Please note that as mentioned above, our design follow the general principles and therefore does not purport to be a feng shui consultation as such.

We also work closely with a Feng Shui consultant who is able to provide specific advice about the feng shui of your existing property and provide remedies if necessary to address her concerns.  This is a separate exercise undertaken between yourself and the feng shui consultant.  Once you have performed that feng shui consultation, we will need to follow the specific advice by the consultant and, if required, work closely with them on the project to ensure that the specific outcomes from the feng shui consultation are realised.

The Design Process

Noting the above, the rest of the design process for Feng Shui garden designs follow the same policies and process for our standard landscape designs.  Refer to our Landscape Design page for more information.


Have a look at our Doncaster East project page for more information.

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