Our Landscape Design Process

We create boutique gardens for busy professional and families to inspire them to be close to nature and closer together.

We deliver premium, personalised service, colourful and texturally interesting garden designs that are uniquely customised to balance the sustainable, cultural and functional visions of our valued clients.

We provide design services from basic consultation through to computer-generated designs. We then either construct all or some aspects off the plan ourselves, working with a team of professional landscapers and other specialists in the design implementation and construction phase to bring your design alive.

Our services include staging and rejuvenating properties prior to sale.  Refer to our BurwoodDoncaster and Doncaster East projects, for example.

Whether it’s a piece of quirky art or a substantial accessory, we also source these given as they add that something extra to your project!  From furniture selection to pottery to the colour scheme, its an intricate thought and planning process tieing all the elements together to create that complete and finished look.  After all, the end game is for a comfortable and relaxing space! Many of our projects utilise finishings.  Refer to our Blackburn, Kew, and Glen Waverley projects, for example.

We also love to assist you with your ongoing maintenance schedule. Whether you’d like a schedule to follow yourself or need more hands-on assistance, we’d love to discuss an option that’s right for you. Our Wantirna, Blackburn, Brighton and Caulfield North projects are prime examples of where our extant clients have taken up this value added service where we continue to assist in making the garden looking beautiful!

Our values

Core Strengths


A premium custom design that doesn’t miss the details of plant biology, local geography and materials

The Personal Touch

Our designs complement and amplify your own vision to create something better than you ever imagined

Exceptional Customer Service

We’re different from the rest of the industry; we’re timely and responsive


We create interesting, textural gardens that cohesively work together


We genuinely love what we do and your gardens as if they are our own; past delivery and long into the future

How you will feel after working with us


To be outside; itching to be in the garden


That your garden is finally being attended to


By our knowledge and expertise


Impressed by our creativity and practicality


Comfortable and at ease


By the additional benefits of a custom designed garden brings; both emotional and physical

What Our Clients Say About Our Landscape Design

Landscape Design Process Explained - Inspiring Landscape Solutions