Landscape Design Fees & Packages

Gift vouchers

If you’d like to help a loved one on their journey to their perfect new home garden or need to rejuvenate their existing garden, you can purchase a gift voucher and we’ll take care of them. Prices start from $50. Get in touch to secure your voucher!


In addition to onsite consults, we also offer virtual consults via Facetime or Zoom.  Online consults are available Australia wide and have been effective.  Refer to our recent testimonials.

Please note as of 22nd of Feb ’24, we are only taking bookings for consults from April 2024 with the view of completion in the 2025 financial year.  Would love to hear from you if you require further information!

Choose 1 of the 4 consultation options:

Consults (1)
Planning Meeting
Brief & service offerings $110
  • 60 Minutes
  • Onsite attendance or online video link
  • To understand the overall brief for your outdoor space, including scope of work required
  • Obtain an impression of your property
  • Discussion of services to assist your specific needs
  • Does not include pre-work
  • Does not include design advice
  • Does not cover horticultural and/or maintenance advice
Consults (3)
Garden Issues Consult - on the spot design
Specific discussion of your garden issues $450
  • Min 120 Minutes plus plus 60 minutes of prep
  • Onsite attendance or online video link
  • Some pre-work required
  • Covers horticultural and/or maintenance advice
  • Specific problems you’re facing with particular trees, plants or materials
  • Brief hand sketch & notes provided (time permitting) OR client to opt in for a computer generated design with 3D as optional
  • Planting solutions within a combination that could work for your space and needs
  • Only covers design aspects for ONE particular garden area at a time given the detail involved (e.g. front/rear/internal). Not for your entire property/garden
  • Extra hours on top of the 2 hours onsite/Zoom are billable at our hourly rate (POA) with an average of 4-5 hours usually for the first consult
  • Further consults or additional time will usually be required to arrive at a complete design for Each area being designed for

Custom Design - Packages

Choose 1 of the 4 design packages available that caters to your specific needs.  The majority of designs that we do are Package C & D.  Our process usually starts with a form of consult (refer above) unless agreed otherwise.

Package C is a build up of Package A & B and covers layout, plants and material choices.  I.e. its a step by step process so function & layout is decided first (Package A) and then plant decisions (Package B) is determined along with material selections (covered via Package C).  It’s our strong view that this process be followed in order to achieve the dream garden that fully meets your needs!

Package D specifically caters to landscape design services required for council planning permit applications.

Refer to Extras below for additional services we offer on top of the standard options below:

Package A - Layouts
Concept Plan
Price on Application
  • Further consultation to discuss the best garden layout for you
  • Some pre-work required
  • No horticultural maintenance or specific advice.
Package C
Master Landscape Plan
Price on Application
  • Discussion of concepts (layout, function, desired aesthetic)
  • Discussion of plant choices
  • Discussion of material or specifications
  • Development of detailed concept plan
  • Development of planting plan and planting schedule
  • Annotations of suggested materials details & supplier requirements
  • * Note that, in line with industry practice, NONE of our designs are construction plans unless specifically required for the project and if so, these will need to be approved by the appropriate specialist/engineer/builder involved
  • * Refer to optional extras
  • * We assist with design implementation and plantscaping

Extra’s covers our other skills and services offerings that are available to our clients and can be built into any design package:

Other services are available:
  • Maintenance programme
  • Plant identification
  • Artwork design (metal, murals etc)
  • Project cost estimation (and/or negotiations with third party contractors during the quoting phase)
  • Outdoor staging for sale (improved planting & aesthetic)
  • Suggested minor works prior to sale
  • Exterior colour palettes
  • Outdoor styling

Non Custom Design

Separate from all of the above, we offer non-customised design packages as follows:

Additional charges apply to cover travel time for areas outside the Melbourne Metropolitan boundary for all packages and extras

The Way We Work
  • On request we are able to provide a quote for our design and consultation services.
  • The fees for our plans take into account various factors that affect time spent on developing one such as:
  • - project size and scope;
  • - complexity;
  • - research required;
  • - specialist involvement e.g. engineering;
  • - irrigation;
  • - lighting etc;
  • - drawing details e.g. elevations, 3D rendering etc;
  • - plant and material specifications;
  • - extent of interactions with council; and
  • - whether it is hand drawn / drawn on PC.
  • Please note that we are only able to quote after an initial consultation meeting as then we would have a brief to work towards and have viewed the site. We do not quote over the phone.
  • Clients outside the Melbourne Metropolitan boundary or who are physically located about an hours drive from Vermont South will be advised of additional charges to cover travel time.
  • Any enquiries undertaken on your behalf with specialists councils etc are billable and a deposit is payable prior to commencing. Refer further below for some idea of available packages.
  • A deposit and signing of our design contract (and relevant checklists) is required prior to commencement of work.
  • All enquiries made on your behalf will incur additional time and therefore will be invoiced as an extra. We will require a deposit made in relation to such matters.
  • Refer to our FAQs and to our terms and conditions in our contracts for further details of our payment terms.
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