Landscape Design Fees & Packages

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Choose 1 of the 4 consultation options:

Note – due to COVID-19, our preference is for virtual consults via Facetime or Zoom.  Online consults are available Australia wide and have been effective.  Refer to our recent testimonials.

Consults (1)
Planning Meeting
Brief & service offerings $110
  • 60 Minutes
  • Onsite attendance or online video link
  • To understand the overall brief for your outdoor space, including scope of work required
  • Obtain an impression of your property
  • Discussion of services to assist your specific needs
  • Does not include pre-work
  • Does not include design advice
  • Does not cover horticultural and/or maintenance advice
Consults (3)
Garden Issues Consult - on the spot design
Specific discussion of your garden issues $350
  • 120 Minutes (approx)
  • Onsite attendance or online video link
  • Some pre-work required
  • Covers horticultural and/or maintenance advice
  • Specific problems you’re facing with particular trees, plants or materials
  • Brief hand sketch & notes provided (time permitting)
  • May provide a list of 3 plants within a combination that could work for your space and needs
  • Only covers design aspects for a particular garden area. Not for your entire property/garden
  • Extra hours billable

Custom Design - Packages

Choose 1 of the 3 design packages available that caters to your specific needs.

Package C is a build up of Package A & B and covers layout, plants and material choices.

Package D specifically caters to landscape design services required for council planning permit applications.

Refer to Extras below for additional services we offer on top of the standard options below:

Package A - Layouts
Concept Plan
Price on Application
  • 2 x 90 Minutes visit to discuss the best garden layout for you
  • Some pre-work required
  • No horticultural maintenance or specific advice.
Package C
Master Landscape Plan
Price on Application
  • 2 x visit to discuss concepts
  • 1 x visit to discuss plant choice
  • 1 x visit to discuss specifications
  • Concept plan
  • Planting plan and planting schedule
  • Materials schedule and details
  • Specifications as required for construction, materials and planting
  • Refer to optional extras
  • * We assist with design implementation and plantscaping

Extra’s covers our other skills and services offerings that are available to our clients and can be built into any design package:

Other services are available:
  • Maintenance programme
  • Plant identification
  • Artwork design (metal, murals etc)
  • Project cost estimation (and/or negotiations with third party contractors during the quoting phase)
  • Outdoor staging for sale
  • Suggested minor works prior to sale
  • Exterior colour palettes
  • Outdoor styling

Non Custom Design

Separate from all of the above, we offer non-customised design packages as follows:

Additional charges apply to cover travel time for areas outside the Melbourne Metropolitan boundary for all packages and extras

The Way We Work
  • On request we are able to provide a quote for our design and consultation services.
  • The fees for our plans take into account various factors that affect time spent on developing one such as:
  • - project size and scope;
  • - complexity;
  • - research required;
  • - specialist involvement e.g. engineering;
  • - irrigation;
  • - lighting etc;
  • - drawing details e.g. elevations, 3D rendering etc;
  • - plant and material specifications;
  • - extent of interactions with council; and
  • - whether it is hand drawn / drawn on PC.
  • Please note that we are only able to quote after an initial consultation meeting as then we would have a brief to work towards and have viewed the site. We do not quote over the phone.
  • Clients outside the Melbourne Metropolitan boundary or who are physically located about an hours drive from Vermont South will be advised of additional charges to cover travel time.
  • Any enquiries undertaken on your behalf with specialists councils etc are billable and a deposit is payable prior to commencing. Refer further below for some idea of available packages.
  • A deposit and signing of our design contract (and relevant checklists) is required prior to commencement of work.
  • All enquiries made on your behalf will incur additional time and therefore will be invoiced as an extra. We will require a deposit made in relation to such matters.
  • Refer to our FAQs and to our terms and conditions in our contracts for further details of our payment terms.
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