Do we do free consults or site visits?

No, we don’t. We believe in offering you customised solution to suit your needs so we need to spend the time and research in coming up with the best option for that purpose.

We value our ideas and concepts. We offer you a value add product being the concept plans or when commissioned, a master landscape plan which details all ideas and specifications we come to an agreement on.

We believe in charging for our onsite or online consultations given the preparation time involved, all with the view of offering you the best possible solution for your garden needs. This involves input from yourselves prior to catching up.

We believe in designing and building gardens which evolve and last the long-term.  In order to achieve those ideals, sufficient time needs to be spent on planning. So even if you end up designing or constructing your dream garden on your own, please plan, plan and PLAN!! 😉

Please refer to our Our process, Design, Construction and Design Implementation pages to get an idea of how our consultation and other processes work.

Are we insured?

Yes we are covered for professional indemnity and public liability.

What are the different types of plans involved?

Given that we offer customised solutions to all of our clients, we have the following types of plans on offer, which all have differential price points:

  • hand drawn scaled concept plans;
  • hand drawn scaled planting plans;
  • hand drawn scaled landscape master plans;
  • CAD/computer landscape plans;
  • scaled construction plans.
  • scaled town planning permit applications

The more specific the plan gets, the more time is spent on the design as there are many considerations to go through e.g. council requirements, plant and material specifications ,the finished look and feel etc.  This has a direct impacts on pricing.  Refer to our pricing page for packages that are available and some customised options.

What is our payment policy?

50% of project charge is payable on commencement as a deposit, another 40% on finalisation and remaining 10% on design delivery/presentation.

Other payments of agreed ancilllary services such as enquiries are to be billed and paid for on incurring those costs and at times, a deposit will be required as surety that the eventual invoice will be paid.

Any refunds will be at our discretion as we need to account for the time and cost spent on the project, including any opportunity costs in allocating our resources to the project.

The rest of our terms and conditions are detailed in our contracts.

Design rights and intellectual property

Any designs drawn by Inspiring Landscape Solutions Pty Ltd remain our intellectual property.  Use beyond which it was created for will be an infringement of this right.  We do not assign our intellectual property but sell the right to use to anyone purchasing our designs.

Is there such a thing as a no maintenance garden?

No, unfortunately, you’ve got to nurture nature to some extent. Garden’s maintain their longevity if you maintain it at some level. It is important that you have reasonable expectations of what you are able to achieve on your own and whether you’re able to outsource your maintenance requirements. That said, there are therapeutic benefits to gardening. Enjoy it as much as you can! 😉

Do we offer maintenance plans and maintenance?

Yes, this can be priced separately. We only do this for our designed and constructed gardens as a value add to our clients.

How does the design implementation and/or construction process go?

We offer a one-stop solution. I.e. we act as your agent to implement the design as specified by the scope of our agreement with you and liaise with all trades involved (from electricians, plumbers, renderers, artists, arborists, gardeners, painters etc).

Our implementation phase has ‘check in points’ at various stages of the construction process, irrespective of which construction team or specialist is involved, as defined in our contracts. We keep you informed of progress on a timely basis and should any concerns arise, it is our work ethics to resolve such matters quickly. We have regular site meetings, where feasible, to go through progress etc and come up with revised timelines, where applicable.

Our head designer is also very hands on. There are regular, if not daily site visits to ensure that everything goes in according to your design!

To the extent possible, all construction quotes are sourced for you on a competitive tender basis.  On confirmation of a project, the following contractual relationships will be enforced:

  • between yourselves as the client and any third party contractor (Landscape Contract); and
  • between yourselves as the client and Inspiring Landscape Solutions as the designer (Landscape Design);
  • between yourselves as the client and Inspiring Landscape Solutions to implement the design intent (Design Implementation).

This ensures that the process remains transparent and that all parties are aware of their liabilities and obligations for each phase of a project.  Any changes to the design, during the construction phase will directly impact on the Design Implementation Contract and the Landscape Contract.  Such changes will be agreed upon, prior to being carried out, as agreed between yourselves as the client, us as the designer and the third party Landscape Contractor (if involved).  Any resulting cost variations that arise out of the abovementioned changes will need to be addressed appropriately between the relevant parties to the affected contract.

Why use a garden designer?

Valuable insights and ideas in coming up with a practical and aesthetically pleasing garden along with suitable plant choices and/or accessories for your dream outdoor space!  For more information, please read our article at the following link: http://inspiringlandscapes.com.au/faqs-why-use-a-garden-designer/

Lighting? - important wow factor

Lighting – Lighting is an easy thing to cut from your budget, but before you do, consider how much it will extend your use and enjoyment of your outdoors.  Well designed lighting using quality fittings catapults the project into wow territory.  From capturing architectural facets to highlighting gorgeous tree trunks it adds a bit if dazzle and glamour to the overall feel and look.  The investment is worth it.

Do you have a reasonable budget?

Let’s be honest here, everyone loves a bargain but I think that no one likes working under unrealistic expectations.  A designer needs a budget to work to and a realistic one at that.  There is no reason to hide your budget! Have a think about what $10k can get you these days.  Let me work through a real life example.  What can this amount get you in the construction phase.  I.e. without factoring in design, project management of various components and detail that accomplish the project.  Ie peel off the wow factors and keep it basic. Do you think it can get you a completed 70 SQM courtyard with the following features on top of the labour required:

  • lush planting;
  • custom artwork;
  • 20 SQM pergola;
  • permit applications;
  • custom vegetable planter;
  • lattice to increase fence height;
  • all electricals;
  • all drainage/plumbing;
  • 28 SQM of paving;
  • all paintwork;
  • minimum rubbish removal;
  • all requisite materials.

We generally take exception to providing a negative response to our clients but the answer is a NO.  We believe in doing a quality job and working with professionals who take pride in their artform.  What really helps is when we work with clients with realistic expectations and whom we can build a relationship of mutual respect and trust.  Its a symbiotic relationship!  We are happy to phase your dream project for you to suit your financial requirements but for a fair price.   So let our passion for your garden become our obsession!! On a realistic budget though! 😉

Privacy Statement

Inspiring Landscape Solutions is committed to safeguarding your privacy.

We may collect information from our Clients as part of the process of delivering our Services as defined in our contracts.

The kind of information collected includes details such as name, current address, proposed address, phone, email-addresses and family composition, likes and dislikes.

Information is stored securely with the protection of security measures such as passwords and firewalls.

Personal information is destroyed when no longer needed by us to provide the defined Services.

We do not share any personal information with other parties without our Client’s consent.

We may seek consent to disclose our Client’s personal information with third parties for purposes such as facilitating quotes and meetings with allied professionals regarding the defined Services.

If the Client wishes to discuss any aspects related to the collection, storage and use of its personal information it can contact us by using the contact details set out at the beginning of our contracts.

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