Case Studies - Productive Garden Design

Ever tasted yummylicious produce from your own garden, perhaps even organically grown? It’s something that we would definitely recommend everyone to try whether it’s growing produce in a pot on a tiny balcony or in a reasonably sized backyard!!

Sure, it takes a little work getting it going and yes there is some ongoing maintenance of course but maybe the aroma, taste and assurance of a (hopefully) chemical free option is something that could convince you to try it out?

Also, we suggest that it’s fun, when the timing is right, to take the kids for a wander through the garden and to ‘eat’ straight off the ground/branches of your fruit tree. Keeping them in touch with nature and educating them about the importance of making healthy choices and where food comes from is such an important part of their development and is precious family time!!

Three case studies on point are the Vermont South, Bundoora and Kew projects which are family gardens designed to incorporate all of the above!

Practical tips for your design:

    • Location/Aspect
    • Aesthetics especially for frontage of property
    • Budget
    •     Maintenance regime
    •     Owner
    •     Outsourced
    • Extent/limitations
    • Plant choice – will you eat, use, space savers
    • Vegetable patches
    • Vertical gardens
    • Pots
    • Irrigation
    • Access
    • Pets e.g. chooks, dogs etc
Productive garden design, design implementation and construction