Productive Gardens

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Growing home grown produce and balancing aesthetics in your own garden is something we can easily help you with.

These gardens may draw on recyclable and upcycling concepts if required.

Refer to our Vermont South, Bundoora,and Kew projects below to get a feel of what we can offer you.  Contact us today!

Our Tips!

Here are 5 key tips:

  • Must haves – Identify what the essential design elements are.  Do you like particular plants for their produce?  Is there a species that attracts you visually?  What sort of garden pockets do you need?
  • Keep it simple – be practical.  An over-complicated layout, colour palette or planting scheme may scream too much work for you!
  • Maintenance – be realistic about how much time you can spend in your garden.  Are the kids also expected to be involved in the gardening?
  • ‘Pets’ – do you want or have the space for pets such as dogs, chooks, quail etc.  There are different spacial and other considerations for each.
  • Glamour up – don’t be afraid to.  Just because it’s meant to be a productive space, it doesn’t mean it can’t look aesthetically pleasing too.  So do invest in a few ‘hero’ pieces or plants that make the space work.

If you need further suggestions on all or any of the above, do contact us for an onsite consultation!  We charge for the visit and can subsequently design the changes required to your outdoors & quote on implementing the entire transformation for you within your budget.

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