Staging for sale

We enjoy guiding our clients through the sale process as it can be a daunting one! Here are snippets of our Burwood, Doncaster and Doncaster East projects to get a feel of what we can offer you with wonderful feedback!

Professional styling – Consider investing in professional help to style your house for sale. We have:

  • partner interior designers; and
  • home stagers

who are experts in the art of staging and will come to your house, review every room, write up a list and return a week later with furniture, cushions, artwork and homewares that will improve the look and feel of the home for potential buyers.

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Our Tips!

From our experience, there are 8 key things you could do when preparing for sale:

  • De – clutter & tidy up – get rid of bits and bobs and broken down items lying around.   Get rid of dead or dying bushes, pull out the weeds and mow the lawn.
  • Repair – minimise spend by repairing extant items rather than buying anew.
  • Pressure clean – it’s amazing how surfaces turn out after a good clean.
  • Keep it simple – be practical.  An overcomplicated layout, colour palette or planting. scheme may scream too much work for potential buyers.
  • Rejuvenate – inject some new plants and minimum material for that precious street appeal and updated look.
  • Add greenery to the inside – Adding greenery and flowers inside the home will make your place look and feel more appealing to potential buyers.
  • Paint – painting the outside of the house will make a huge difference come auction day.  It pays dividends and doesn’t take too long to do.
  • Glamour up – put yourself in the shoes of buyers and invest in a few ‘hero’ pieces or plants that make the space work.

If you need further suggestions on all or any of the above, contact us for an onsite 90 minute consultation.  We charge $250.00 for the visit and can subsequently quote on organising the implementation of the entire transformation for you within your budget.  Contact us today!

Investment worthwhile!

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