Case studies - Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are a buzzing area of landscaping where many are enthusiastically considering to install one!  It’s a wonderful space saver and a really good idea to hide an ugly fence or wall!  However, there are many practical points to consider and common traps that one should be aware of.

A case study on point is the Bundoora project where a DYI system was installed for the owners to have a play with!

Our preference is to install a specialist system as, in our view, this has stood the test of time but we are more than happy to assist in incorporating a DYI/off the shelf product into your design and assist with its installation.  We are also able to design or construct a vertical garden from scratch!

Practical tips on considering vertical gardens for your design:

  • Location/Aspect
  • Heat intensity especially if next to a wall
  • Type of vertical garden
    •     DYI
    •     Off the shelf
    •     Customised/Specialist
  • Purpose
    •     Decorative
    •     Herbs
  • Plants – type, suitability
  • Budget
    •     DYI
    •     Specialist – comes with botanist and maintenance regime
    •     Plants, soil, irrigation, pump, timer, electricity costs, other preparatory material etc
    •     Ongoing maintenance and plant replacement budget
  • Structure
    •     Felt/Pockets
    •     Pots
    •     PVC pipes
    •     Metal
  • Weight
  • Aesthetics
  • Access
  • Soil – right mix, quantity
  • Drainage
  • Moisture retention
  • Nutrients
    •     Use of wetting agents/non-soils
    •      Affects planting choice
  • Maintenance
    •     Irrigation/Pump
    •     Pest management
    •     Pipe leaks/blockages
    •     When you are on holidays
  • What could go wrongs – insufficient watering, bad aspect, insufficient nutrients, allelopathic planting, incorrect and insufficient planting
Vertical gardens design, design implementation and construction