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Parveen Dhaliwal in Vermont South, VIC, AU on Houzz
Parveen Dhaliwal in Vermont South, VIC, AU on Houzz
Parveen Dhaliwal in Vermont South, VIC, AU on Houzz
Parveen Dhaliwal in Vermont South, VIC, AU on Houzz
Parveen Dhaliwal in Vermont South, VIC, AU on Houzz
Parveen Dhaliwal in Vermont South, VIC, AU on Houzz

Custom Landscape Designs in Melbourne

Create a show-stopping garden custom designed for you and your family’s needs.

Ready to have your garden work for you? Say goodbye to pesky problem spots and make the most of every part of your garden. Create a fun play area for your children, build in a meditation corner, or enjoy beautiful, low maintenance flower beds that will help you unwind after a busy day.

Our custom landscape designs personalise your Australian garden around YOUR needs, both now and into the future.

How It Works

We turn your dream garden vision into a working landscape design plan tailored to the level of detail that suits you!

Choose your Initial Consultation

The landscape design process begins with an onsite consultation with our head designer, Parveen.  Our head designer, Parveen, will visit your home to help create a plan based on your needs and budget.

You can choose between four design consultation choices:

Planning Meeting (60 minutes)

  • We’ll discuss your needs and budget.
  • Once you’ve set your expectations, we’ll explain in detail how we can assist you in your garden design.
  • $110 (inc. GST)

Initial Design Consult (90 minutes)

  • You’ll receive a questionnaire to help us learn about your property and your needs for a perfect outdoor space.
  • The consult may include a hand drawing done within the consultation time, time permitting. We may invoice any additional time accordingly at our standard rates.
  • We’ll then meet to brainstorm ideas for your new garden, taking into account the surrounding architecture, your preferences, budget, timelines, and the kind of lifestyle or environment you want to create for your new garden.
  • Please refer to our Blog for a writeup of what to expect and how to prepare for our initial design consultations.
  • $350 (inc. GST)

Garden Issues Consult (120 minutes)

  • Note that due to the amount of detail to be discussed, this type of consult only covers design aspects for a particular garden area. g. the front yard or backyard or part thereof. Not for your entire property/garden.
  • The consult may include a hand drawing done within the consultation time. Any additional time will be invoiced at our standard rates as this is a focused design exercise.
  • You’ll receive a questionnaire to help us learn about your specific garden challenges and your needs for a perfect outdoor space.
  • We’ll discuss your challenges including specific horticultural and/or maintenance advice. g on particular trees, plants or materials. We may provide a list of 3 plants within a combination that could work for your space and needs.
  • $450 (inc. GST)

External Colour Consultancy Consult (hourly)

  • Colour choices for all of your outdoors to further augment your outdoor aesthetic and make your garden come together and shine.
  • This consult is only offered as a site visit given that it’s more difficult to gauge colours virtually.
  • P.O.A inc GST, based on our hourly standard rates.

Virtual Consults

Except where otherwise indicated, we prefer to conduct our consults in person.  Alternatively, online consults over Facetime or Zoom are available Australia wide.

For more details on the consultations on offer and for a comparison between them, please also refer to our fees and packages page for further information.

Choose Your Landscape Design Plan

Our plans are designed to be tailored your needs, so you can pick and choose either one or a combination of our 3 Design Plans, based on your budget and needs:

  • concept plans – resolves your layout choices;
  • planting plans – resolves your plant choices; or
  • landscape master plans – resolves both of the above design challenges and more.

If you’re excited about our landscape design ideas for transforming your outdoor space into your dream garden, the next step is to select a plan.

Concept plans

An affordable option for clients who need professional advice on how to make the most of their garden. This plan features general advice about how your garden could work from a layout perspective and does not go into specifying the exact detail of materials or plants to be used.


  • A 2D concept plan drawn to scale
  • Proposed general layout options for your landscape, materials, and plants
  • A final plan delivered after further consultation.

Planting plan and plant list

A good addition to your Concept Plan, a Planting Plan or a Plant List will give you an overview of the plants to best suit your needs and your garden and is based on information on your soil conditions and soil pH.

Our Planting Plan includes:

  • Recommendations to improve soil health, if needed
  • Professional recommendations on planting options (based on your own preferences)
  • Professional recommendations on the best placement and spacing requirements for each plant
  • A final plan delivered after further consultation.

Some examples of a planting plan are as follows:

Our Plant List includes a shortlist of plants (botanical names) that will work for your spatial needs but does not cover actual placement on your plan/garden area.

Optional Extras (for an additional fee):

  • Research on plant toxicity on pets (particularly cats and dogs)
  • Detail soil testing in a soil laboratory (third party)

Landscape Design Master Plan

Once you’ve decided on a Concept Plan, you might want to invest in a detailed, scaled Landscape Design Master Plan to help you achieve your dream garden vision.

You’ll get to spend more time considering what your needs are – and we can adapt the plan to your changing needs or fresh inspiration (within the project budget, of course!).

We’ll dive deep into your garden vision, researching even the most minute details to deliver a comprehensive, professional landscape plan that will make construction and sourcing a breeze.

Please note: We can only provide plant and material recommendations once you’ve confirmed your preferences. Our recommendations will be subject to availability from the specialists involved in the project.

A Landscape Master Plan is tailored entirely to your own needs and preferences but could include:

  • Detail for specific artwork
  • Irrigation or lighting plans
  • Accessories for outdoor styling
  • 3D rendering
  • Construction drawings

Optional Extras (for an additional fee):


  • Stakeholder liaison

We can make enquiries on your behalf with the various parties involved in your garden makeover.

  • Construction drawings

Neither the Concept Plan nor the Landscape Design Master Plan are construction drawings you can submit to council for a permit.


Construction drawings are full working drawings to scale. They contain site details and include the necessary input by relevant authorities and specialists so they can be sent to council for any permits or council approval.


Additional fees may apply depending on specialist signoffs, such as civil or structural engineers, and the required costs for council permits.

  • Landscape Plans for Council Planning Permit Applications

These are usually required for submission to council to obtain a planning permit eg for the building of adjacent townhouses.  Our landscape plans do not apply a cookie cutter approach as is the norm with council submissions and we cater to our clients who want a customised approach as they intend to either live in or create rentals that are different from the rest of the market.

We work closely with a team of qualified arborists who will be able to produce arborial reports for council permit applications.

Our Landscape Design Process: What You Need to Know

Site Visits

We know the costs of landscape design can quickly add up, so we try to keep them low. Our design packages include a maximum number of site visits. Additional site visits will incur additional costs.

If you don’t have measurements ready, we can visit to take them for you, if the visits occur within the relevant consultation period. Additional charges are applicable after the consultation time ends.

Our Commitment to Upcycling

We love to keep things green! Wherever possible, we try to cut down on wastage by incorporating sustainable recycling options (such as reusing extant materials) into our design and construction solutions.

The Importance of Garden Lighting

Before you cut lighting from your budget, think about how much it will extend your use and enjoyment of your outdoors!

Well-designed lighting (using quality fittings) catapults your dream garden into WOW territory. So we strongly believe in emphasising garden lighting as part of our landscape design process.

The Materials We Suggest

We’re here to try to get your garden as close to your dream vision as possible. That means we’ll suggest the materials that best meet your needs.

Beyond that, your construction team (or other specialists if involved) will discuss material specifications with you further and will provide a quote as part of the design implementation process.   It should be noted that the decision to accept the material selection lies with you as the client, after making an informed choice about it and performing your own research and corroborative inquiries.

Cost Estimation or Quotes

We’ll present you your unique garden design in an approx 60-minute Zoom video or an in person catch up, where budgeted for. If required, we may provide a range of estimates for components in the project.

If you enjoy working with us, you can book us as project co-ordinators. We’ll get you a detailed quote for all project components – plus we’ll facilitate the construction of the project and source accessories, materials, and other important pieces of your project within agreed timelines.

Maintenance Guide

As we all know, plants make or break your landscape design! We strongly recommend developing a Maintenance Guide to make the most of your latest outdoor investments.

For a nominal cost, we can provide you with a photo gallery, description, and Maintenance Guide for the plants you’ve selected.

Underground Assets, Services and Connections - Dial Before You Dig

Enquiries with Dial Before You Dig need to be made in two stages – in the design and construction phase. We’re happy to make the enquiry on your behalf during the design phase and will invoice accordingly.

It’s your responsibility to make an informed assessment as to whether any third-party assets exist on your property.

It’s the responsibility of the developer, builder, or landscaper to ensure that no underground connections are affected or damaged during any landscaping works.

Design Disclaimer

The maintenance and care of all trees planted is the sole responsibility of the owner or occupants of the building or site.

In addition to other disclaimers disclosed here or elsewhere on this website (whether specifically described as such), we take no responsibility for any damage caused by trees that were selected and placed to meet the landscape design requirements of the relevant authority.

Any designs drawn by Inspiring Landscape Solutions Pty Ltd remain our intellectual property. Use beyond which it was created for will be an infringement of this right. We do not assign our intellectual property but sell the right to use the design once to anyone purchasing our designs for the site it was designed for.

Design Rights and Intellectual Property

Any designs drawn by Inspiring Landscape Solutions Pty Ltd remain our intellectual property. Use beyond which it was created for will be an infringement of this right. We do not assign our intellectual property but sell the right to use the design once to anyone purchasing our designs for the site it was designed for.

Your Melbourne Landscape Designers

Here at Inspiring Landscape Solutions, we work with various specialists to help you develop a stunning garden that serves you and your family better than you could have ever imagined.

We also design for other landscape companies and arborists and work with partner architects, home stagers, home stylists and interior designers.

We’re based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne but we’re branching out! We now design outdoor spaces for homes in other states and regions, particularly in New South Wales, Western Australia, and South Australia.

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