Case Studies – Soil testing

Ever wonder why a particular plant fails in your garden?  Or maybe certain combinations of plants simply don’t work together no matter what you try.  OK you’ve tried mounding for plants who don’t like wet feet. Oh no…what about putting the incorrect soil mix/fertiliser and it ends up killing the plant (s).

As a matter of practice, before you embark on your redesigning your garden, we strongly recommend that you test the soil either for its ph and if relevant, its properties especially where you’re concerned for example that there is a risk of heavy metals (e.g. lead) or chemicals present.

There is growing evidence, in our humble opinion, that eating produce from contaminated soil does damage to our health!

Practical tips on soil testing for your design:


  • DYI soil kits
  • Professional laboratory assessment – more important to check for contaminants like heavy metals e.g. lead, chemical leaching etc

Area to be tested

  • Entire
  • Vege patch/orchard


  • Garden design
  • Location of garden beds v vege patches
  • Plant choice/suitability
  • Soil treatment/conditioning (Clay soil, Loamy soil etc, Appropriate mixes)
  • Corrective measures (eg e.g. fungal treatments)
  • Assurance that you have healhty soil for ‘peace of mind’
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Soil testing in garden design, design implementation and construction