Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2024

Literally translated to “a place or condition of ideal happiness”, the Elysium “Balc-stile” is my version of paradise at home in a tiny balcony that is also a versatile space!

It has to be multifuctional and simple given pressing economic times and needs to be relatively easy to put together for most parts.

I can use it day or night, and to cater to different programmes (work, leisure and rest) and makes me feel immersed in the space even when not in it. I can experience its textures and plantscaping from within the apartment.

It feels calming, open and inviting but still has elements and visual cues that are unique to me (eg the red bromeliad) that remind me of my upbringing and of the outdoors that appeal to me. The sand reminds me of being at the beach and feels soft and therapeutic.

The extendable table and understorage area represent the practical aspects of design as they cater for a flexible work environment and to having some friends over. The ledge allows for a thin layer of planting within it and is wide enough to place drinkware, my
laptop, books etc.

Whilst most of the components of the design are relatively inexpensive to obtain & build, it still allows for the occassional splurge eg the custom monstera shaped candle or incense holders on the right wall that allows me to style my outdoors to suit my taste.

The plants chosen are shallow rooted, low maintenance and minimal water requirements – perfect for me to spend more time either myself or with those I love, in simply enjoying the space and less time on fussing about them!

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