Domestic Landscape Construction

Having designed with us, we are able to take it to the next level – project coordinating the entire process by either constructing all or aspects of your plan, ourselves, or arranging for the execution of the construction of various aspects of the plan, by other skilled trades, to make your dream garden a reality!

The team is qualified and will work with you, to achieve the design within budget and on a timely basis. You will see that our featured portfolio encompasses a broad range of projects. From contemporary to periodic influenced gardens which compliments your home and most importantly, meets your needs.

We aim to realise your vision – with care for detail!



For your peace of mind, we are fully insured.  Our insurance covers:

  • a $10m public liability (relating to our design implementation and construction services); and
  • a professional services indemnity (relating to our design services).

All of the trades and specialists we work with are fully insured and they guarantee their own workmanship, according to the applicable laws and regulations which govern them.  All insurance details are available and able to be provided by the relevant party concerned, on request.

Onsite visits and quotations


On request, after the design phase of a project, we will provide you with an itemised quotation for all construction works.  It is our policy that where possible, our designs go out for competitive tender to third party contractors (if required).  We will quote on the design implementation separately if that’s the case so that the intent of the design is effectively realised.  Our past clients find our continued involvement in the project to be invaluable as per their testimonials! Refer also to our Process, Design Implementation and FAQs pages on how we work.

Occupational health and safety regulations


We take great pride and care in complying with all required regulations and safety standards.  This ensures that the worksite is safe for both your needs and our team/third party contractors.

Specialist considerations


We consult where necessary, to provide you with well educated solution that would meet safety standards and council regulations. We will advise you of the costs, as quoted by the relevant qualified specialist.

Environmental impacts


Where possible we incorporate sustainable recycling considerations (e.g. reusing extant materials) into our design and construction solutions.

Garden maintenance


If required, we will arrange for stipulated maintenance of our constructed gardens.  We have a minimum contract period. We develop a specific maintenance programme with the end-game of monitoring the health of your garden in addition to it looking lush!  Our Blackburn North, Brighton and Caulfield North projects are prime examples of where our extant clients have taken up this value added service.  Our task is to continue to assist in making their gardens look beautiful!

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