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White flowers in Hawthorn East garden design
Propagating succulents Succulents are one of the easiest of plants to propagate!  Depending on the species of succulent, they can either be grown from seeds; you’re able to create mini me’s from their leaves/stems; or set of wee cute little baby versions of them themselves and which are aptly called pups! From leaf Pick one of their leaves, leave the wounded end to dry (called callousing) for about a day…
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Urban food garden in productive part of Bundoora landscape design
Spring is just around the corner! Have you ever considered a vegetable patch in your garden? We love creating gardens for families who appreciate the importance and value of growing your own food!⁠⠀ Here are some practical tips on considering vegetable patches for your design:⁠⠀ 🥕Choosing the location and aspect ⁠⠀ 🥕Materials to be used in the garden bed, eg softwood v hardwood, the chemicals in wood treatment/leeching and considering…
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Backyard grassed area in Burwood landscape design by Inspiring Landscape Solutions
Winter is the best time for tidying up your garden, pruning the plants, and preparing for spring.  If you can get over the mental block of how cold it is outside, you’ll reap the rewards in the couple of month’s time and also get some good exercise and keep warm to boot! So here are some tips for your winter garden care! Your winter garden to-do’s Declutter Honestly, winter’s the…
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Close up of purple shrub in Burwood landscape design by Parveen Dhaliwal
Creating a Planting Plan So you’ve landed upon a theme for your dream garden and it’s got you so excited that you’ve already decided on the hard materials, accessories, and layout for this oasis. The next step is - many would say - the most fun part. Choosing your plants! But how do you work out what plants to put in and where they should go? You’ve come to the…
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Closeup of lime espalier in Bundoora landscape design
Thought I'd write up on several discussions I've had the past couple of weeks from friends, family and clients about trying to get something edible planted in their garden. Most have said that they have no idea where to begin and some are curious about what else they can plant at this time of year! Well, happy to share some thoughts and tips to keep the spirit of giving going…
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Dramatic lighting effect in Hawthorn East front garden design
The brief When Cate contacted me, she wanted a garden that would suit her lifestyle and lift her space. Her impeccable taste in her newly-renovated townhouse and incredible interior detail helped shape the outdoor design. Cate wanted a garden that would flow with the exterior and could be enjoyed both during the day and at night. It had to feel modern and create an urban oasis of lush plant life…
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Corten wall lightbox used in Glen Waverley garden design
Do you want to learn what it takes to create the perfect outdoor space? A space that you love to look at and spend time in? We have developed a free comprehensive eBook just for you! This 10-page eBook will take you through: how to design the garden of your dreams. practical tips and inclusions based on your lifestyle. how to create harmony and flow between your home and garden.…
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Salvia used in Vermont South landscape design
Do you want to learn what it takes to create your dream garden? A space that you love to look at and spend time in?   We have developed a free comprehensive eBook just for you!   This 17-page eWorkbook will help: Map out your existing garden and identify problem areas Brainstorm new ideas Clarify what you want before contacting a landscape designer or contractor If you are not sure…
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