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Fireproofing your house and garden is vital in Australia
Australia's unique climate and landscape make the country particularly vulnerable to fires, especially during the hot and dry months. As a homeowner, it's crucial to proactively fireproof your outdoor area and protect your property from the devastating impact of bushfires. Fortunately, you can take several proactive measures to minimise the risk and create a fire-resistant outdoor haven. In this article, we'll discuss five essential steps to fireproof your outdoor area…
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Backyard merbau decking in Ashburton landscape design
The details are critical when creating an outdoor space you can be proud of. Paving and decking are essential for creating a safe and attractive area for you and your family, but knowing where to start when choosing the perfect option can be challenging. Let’s look at the different paving and decking options available to create the outdoor area of your dreams. Assess Your Needs and Style Consider a few…
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