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Fireproofing your house and garden is vital in Australia
Australia's unique climate and landscape make the country particularly vulnerable to fires, especially during the hot and dry months. As a homeowner, it's crucial to proactively fireproof your outdoor area and protect your property from the devastating impact of bushfires. Fortunately, you can take several proactive measures to minimise the risk and create a fire-resistant outdoor haven. In this article, we'll discuss five essential steps to fireproof your outdoor area…
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Bluestone cats paws pavers in Vermont South garden design
In the hustle and bustle of modern life, many yearn for a tranquil and lush outdoor space that doesn't demand constant attention. The reason is that we are innately connected with nature and that the colour green is connected to our feeling of being happy, at peace and calm. A flourishing, low-maintenance garden is an achievable dream and a source of solace and beauty. However, this is separate from a…
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Ben the envy of your neighbours with lush green grass for all to see
A lush green lawn has long been a symbol of suburban living, but maintaining it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Looking after your yard can be time-consuming, resource-intensive, and even environmentally unsustainable. With increasing concerns about water scarcity, chemical usage, and biodiversity loss, many homeowners are reconsidering the traditional grass lawn. Fortunately, numerous creative and eco-friendly alternatives can transform your outdoor space into a stunning and functional area.  Whether…
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Water logged soil
Swampy or water-logged soils can be a complex problem to deal with. They can wreak havoc on your garden and ruin the look of your yard, not to mention how uncomfortable they can make it when you’re walking around outside! This issue takes time to fix, and sometimes it has to be tackled from many angles.  No single solution resolves excess drainage (in my view), especially with the continued heavy…
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Productive vegetable patch in metal planters in Kew garden design
In a world where sustainable living and self-sufficiency are gaining momentum, growing your fruit and vegetables has become an increasingly popular endeavour. Not only does it allow you to enjoy fresh, flavourful produce right from your garden, but it also connects you to the natural world profoundly. However, several important things must be considered before diving into gardening. This blog will explore critical factors you should know before growing fruit and…
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Lavender patch in Brighton landscape design
A modern cottage garden is a combination of traditional and contemporary styles that are intended to create a quaint and cosy atmosphere. It combines plants and flowers that were once widely used in traditional cottage gardens with more modern varieties and design elements. This includes roses, daisies, lavender, and hollyhocks. Modern cottage gardens typically feature lush, colorful plantings, bold shapes, and unique pathways or walkways, which create an intimate atmosphere.…
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Clivia flowers in Hawthorn East landscape design
Thought I'd quickly share some of my gardening tips for getting your garden ready this summer.  Every keen gardener I know is worried about the forecasts for this summer - it's predicted to be hot and dry so best to get your preparation underway to tackle the heat and ensure your garden survives the onslaught!! Irrigation A key gardening tip is to ensure that your irrigation system, if you have…
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Closeup of pot styling area in Bundoora garden design
It's a must have!   In our garden designs, an irrigation system is one of the things we insist that our clients invest in.  Parveen has a live example garden which is not irrigated on purpose. We can prove how cumbersome it gets, over time, when you don't have an irrigation system.  Even the toughest of plants will wither and perish over a prolonged period of lack of watering.  Additionally,…
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