March, 2020

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Top view of large bromeliad used in Doncaster East landscape design

Status quo So we understand the direction in which the planting trend is moving, thought that it was best to explore what’s been happening to date. (But please bear in mind that this is a very generic summary though!) There was a strong urge to mimic English gardens – so the cottage garden style. Then came the movement to go native and explore the delights we have on offer …

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Brown pebbles for landscaping Melbourne

What is it? What is rock mulch? I get this question a lot. It stems from the general perception that “mulch” only relates to material made from chipped wood. Rock “mulch” is basically a groundcover material made of your chosen size of screenings, pebbles or small rocks. Now you’re going to ask me, what are these in turn as they all seem to mean the same thing? In fact …

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