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If you have the space grow your fruit and vegetables in containers in a green house
One doesn't need acres of land to cultivate a thriving oasis of fresh produce in gardening. With the rising popularity of urban living and limited outdoor space, container gardening has emerged as a convenient and empowering solution, putting the power of fresh, homegrown produce in your hands. Whether you have a small balcony, a sunny windowsill, or a compact patio, you can still enjoy growing your fruits and vegetables. In…
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Salvia leucantha used in Mount Waverley garden design
Having a small garden space doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your green dreams. In fact, with the right approach, careful planning, and creativity, you can transform even the tiniest outdoor area into a flourishing oasis of beauty and productivity. In this blog, we'll explore a range of strategies to help you make the most of your limited garden space. Plan with Purpose When planning your small garden space with…
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Closeup of orange espaliers in Bundoora landscape design
In a world where sustainability, self-sufficiency, and healthy living are central, designing an edible garden is the best way to connect with nature and your food. The concept of an edible garden has gained significant traction in recent years as more people become conscious of their food sources and the benefits of growing their produce. Designing an edible garden provides fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs and connects people with…
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Productive vegetable patch in metal planters in Kew garden design
In a world where sustainable living and self-sufficiency are gaining momentum, growing your fruit and vegetables has become an increasingly popular endeavour. Not only does it allow you to enjoy fresh, flavourful produce right from your garden, but it also connects you to the natural world profoundly. However, several important things must be considered before diving into gardening. This blog will explore critical factors you should know before growing fruit and…
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Closeup of garden sculpture used in Bundoora garden design
When it comes to gardening, the possibilities are vast, and enthusiasts are always looking for new ways to make their gardens beautiful and functional. Edible flowers are visually stunning and can elevate the overall appeal of your garden. Their vibrant colours and intricate shapes create a beautiful contrast from other plants. Growing edible flowers is a fantastic way to add a touch of culinary delight to your garden. These delicate…
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