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Purple metal screen lit up in Wantirna South garden
Heard of the saying “You pay for what you get”? Well, that’s the case when it comes to landscaping. There’s a lot of work involved and a lot of long hours put in behind the scenes by the landscaper. Depending on how big the job is, they may well have someone working with them as well. I’ll give credit where credit is due, hiring a landscaper isn’t something that you…
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Collaborative exercise in garden design
I get asked this question a lot, and my two standard responses are as soon as possible (provided that you are mentally ready to commit to the process) and with the expectation that you give the process enough thought/time to create a space that truly suits your needs. However, many of us think about our gardens sometimes as an afterthought or as a reaction to specific triggers like warmer weather…
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Side view of Ashburton landscape design with different types of succulents
If you think of your home as your ‘castle,’ your driveway is the entrance.  It ‘welcomes’ you home every day. Because of this, it needs to be something you enjoy looking at and, ideally, needs to be low maintenance, as many of us are time-poor these days. Your driveway is a prominent feature of your house, so it’s a crucial decision. These days, you’re spoiled for choice in the type…
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View of front entry stepper path from the street in Burwood landscape design by Parveen Dhaliwa
Setting the scene Last year, I was approached by the family who wanted to create a beautiful garden surrounding their newly built home that they were looking at selling. It was an unusual project for me to take on.  As you well know, my gardens are all about the creating spaces that are custom for the family they live in.  And which they feel connected to on some level. So…
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Kinetic sculpture in landscape design in Glen Waverley in Houzz
Getting a landscaping quote When I first commenced as a designer, it was put to me by a client that I should offer an advisory value-add service by staying on as an independent consultant.  My role is to guide them through the rest of the build process, given that I helped create the vision of their garden.  They needed help in getting and interpreting the landscaping quotes that they were…
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The rare occurrence Occasionally, we meet clients who are well researched and have a reasonably good idea of what they want and how much it will all cost.  All they needed from us is to complete the picture by confirming a couple of things they were thinking of doing and a quick sketch of what the overall result will look like. In this instance we will usually offer to draw…
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