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Planting detail. Landscape design of a Vermont South property by Melbourne company Inspiring Landscape Solutions

Jasmines – love them to bits!  Have a look around right now and they should be at their flowering best.  I’m writing this from my deck where I’ve surrounded myself with the variety of my choice. Reminds me of home. Reminds me of my childhood experiences.  Can’t go wrong with a scented garden! There are many species and styles of jasmine available.  The biggest difference between jasmine varieties is …

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Urban food garden. Sustainable gardening. Landscape design Melbourne by Inspiring Landscape Solutions

The most important thing to do in spring for your productive garden is planting. It is a task that will pay off big dividends! So forget all those other spring tasks you’ve got on your plate at the moment and get planting before it’s too late! I know it’s hard to get organised.  I have young kids and a busy work schedule but I do love the taste of …

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Aphids on helleborus. Landscape design Melbourne by Inspiring Landscape Solutions

With spring well underway, I’m sure you’ve come across them.  Swarms of soft bodied insects swarming around and eventually ruining your young buds. They are present in my garden too.  Used to attack my roses but much less now, having implemented some preventative measures discussed below.  However, they still attack my hellebores! Here’s some insights into what aphids are and what you should consider when dealing with them. What …

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Thought I’d quickly share some of my gardening tips for getting your garden ready this summer.  Every keen gardener I know is worried about the forecasts for this summer – it’s predicted to be hot and dry so best to get your preparation underway to tackle the heat and ensure your garden survives the onslaught!! Irrigation A key gardening tip is to ensure that your irrigation system, if you …

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Helleborus flower range of colours from white to yellows, pinks, burgundy and black

Hellebores or winter roses are definitely one of my favourites! The onset of some cooler weather and some cooler nights encourage hellebores to put on some new growth which foretells an exciting flowering season on the horizon!  Hellebores are definitely one of the stars of a winter garden when few other plants are in flower. The old fashioned hellebores bloom face down whilst the new varieties are more upright.  …

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Spring is nearly here!  I can’t wait to see my garden awaken although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the winter display thus far.  Benefits of designing a garden catering for seasoning impacts I guess!  Yes, selecting plants is so important.  Especially the right plants!  I can imagine the beautiful influx of butterflies, native bees, cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets that will visit my garden soon.  Not to mention the colourful floral display …

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