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Backyard merbau decking in Ashburton landscape design
Winter is a beautiful time to be outdoors, with the crisp air and warm sun providing the perfect setting for entertaining. However, it's also a season of harsh conditions that can take its toll on your outdoor timber decking if you're not careful. Timber decking adds a touch of natural elegance to any home but requires proper care to withstand winter's harsh conditions. Fear not! Whether your deck is a…
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Leucophyta brownii in Vermont South landscape design
Gardening is an enjoyable hobby (or, for some of us, an obsession ), but not all of us have the time or energy to maintain a garden that requires constant upkeep. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your outdoor space with minimal effort, try these 12 low maintenance garden ideas. Plant Drought-Resistant Plants Many types of succulents, cacti and other plants are naturally adapted to survive in…
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Urban food garden in productive part of Kew landscape design
Sustainable living became a buzz word when the pandemic started and many of us spent a lot more time in our homes and were needing to find things to do. It’s a great way to save money and if you choose to have a home garden, picking your own fruit, vegetables and herbs is very rewarding. For some people, when they first start looking into sustainable living it can be…
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Side view of Ashburton landscape design with different types of succulents
If you think of your home as your ‘castle,’ your driveway is the entrance.  It ‘welcomes’ you home every day. Because of this, it needs to be something you enjoy looking at and, ideally, needs to be low maintenance, as many of us are time-poor these days. Your driveway is a prominent feature of your house, so it’s a crucial decision. These days, you’re spoiled for choice in the type…
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Sustainable garden design for Vermont South property
Australia is home to diverse native plants, from the hardy and drought-tolerant wattles to the fragrant bush flowers (my favourite). To ensure that these natives thrive for years to come, choosing the right soil profile for planting them is essential. When it comes to the long-term health of your native plants, the most important thing is soil preparation and maintenance. We all know how much joy we get out of…
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Brown pebbles for landscaping Melbourne
What is it? What is rock mulch? I get this question a lot. It stems from the general perception that "mulch" only relates to material made from chipped wood. Rock "mulch" is basically a groundcover material made of your chosen size of screenings, pebbles or small rocks. Now you're going to ask me, what are these in turn as they all seem to mean the same thing? In fact they…
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