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Close up of purple shrub in Burwood landscape design by Parveen Dhaliwal

Propagating succulents Succulents are one of the easiest of plants to propagate!  Depending on the species of succulent, they can either be grown from seeds; you’re able to create mini me’s from their leaves/stems; or set of wee cute little baby versions of them themselves and which are aptly called pups! From leaf Pick one of their leaves, leave the wounded end to dry (called callousing) for about a …

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Corten wall lightbox used in Glen Waverley garden design

Do you want to learn what it takes to create your dream garden? A space that you love to look at and spend time in?   We have developed a free comprehensive eBook just for you!   This 17-page eWorkbook will help: Map out your existing garden and identify problem areas Brainstorm new ideas Clarify what you want before contacting a landscape designer or contractor If you are not …

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We get asked this a lot so we’ve decided to clarify a few urban myths on this topic.  Specifically, how people perceive the skillset required to be a designer, landscaper (i.e. landscape contractor) or a gardener.   Landscaping and landscape design   Landscaping is a 4 year apprenticeship.  Its a commitment of 4 days a week of on-the-job training and 1 day a week at TAFE. The TAFE landscaping …

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