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White flowers in Hawthorn East garden design

The brief When Cate contacted me, she wanted a garden that would suit her lifestyle and lift her space. Her impeccable taste in her newly-renovated townhouse and incredible interior detail helped shape the outdoor design. Cate wanted a garden that would flow with the exterior and could be enjoyed both during the day and at night. It had to feel modern and create an urban oasis of lush plant …

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Corten wall lightbox used in Glen Waverley garden design

Do you want to learn what it takes to create the perfect outdoor space? A space that you love to look at and spend time in? We have developed a free comprehensive eBook just for you! This 10-page eBook will take you through: how to design the garden of your dreams. practical tips and inclusions based on your lifestyle. how to create harmony and flow between your home and …

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Brown pebbles for landscaping Melbourne

What is it? What is rock mulch? I get this question a lot. It stems from the general perception that “mulch” only relates to material made from chipped wood. Rock “mulch” is basically a groundcover material made of your chosen size of screenings, pebbles or small rocks. Now you’re going to ask me, what are these in turn as they all seem to mean the same thing? In fact …

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Salvia used in Vermont South landscape design

Do you want to learn what it takes to create your dream garden? A space that you love to look at and spend time in?   We have developed a free comprehensive eBook just for you!   This 17-page eWorkbook will help: Map out your existing garden and identify problem areas Brainstorm new ideas Clarify what you want before contacting a landscape designer or contractor If you are not …

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Close up of bluestone paving and oversized pebbles in Burwood landscape design by Parveen Dhaliwal

Bluestone – what is it? Bluestone is not a geological term but refers to different types of stone depending on which Australian state your located. In Victoria Bluestone means Basalt. Basalt is one of the most commonly occurring igneous or volcanic rocks used in construction.  It is supplied as building blocks, cobblestones and statues.  Bluestone paving comes in all shapes and sizes and until recently it was the trendiest …

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Street view of front entry stepper path in Burwood landscape design by Inspiring Landscape Solutions

Thought it may be worthwhile doing a writeup of the main questions I get asked about paving. Hawthorn East – granite Ashburton B Blackburn – bluestone Glen Waverley Ashburton A Vermont South B Brighton Caulfield Camberwell Maribyrnong Surrey Hills Paving v decking Which one should you go for?  Basically it boils down to a couple of considerations ranging from your personal preference to use of space and cost drivers.  …

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Edible landscaping using trellis in Blackburn landscape design

Trellises or frames are probably one of the more useful structures to be considered in garden design.  Why? They add a bit of visual interest and are at times functional!  Therefore, if you’re thinking of creating a space that seems like an enclosed room or a special destination where you want to be in the garden, don’t hesitate to use one! With trends in landscape design shifting towards ideas …

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Front garden in Camberwell landscaped using perennials and Australian natives

A retaining wall using sleepers are not difficult to install and can definitely be attempted by any DIYer with a bit of time and muscle! Sleepers generally come in two types – treated pine or red gum. Although we have installed some in railway sleepers (looks amazing but it is costlier). What’s the right type of wood based sleeper for you? Using treated pine sleepers for building a retaining wall …

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The rare occurrence Occasionally, we meet clients who are well researched and have a reasonably good idea of what they want and how much it will all cost.  All they needed from us is to complete the picture by confirming a couple of things they were thinking of doing and a quick sketch of what the overall result will look like. In this instance we will usually offer to …

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