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Melbourne Garden and Landscape Design of a Modern House. Use of native grasses, flaxes and perennials

Bluestone – what is it? Bluestone is not a geological term but refers to different types of stone depending on which Australian state your located. In Victoria Bluestone means Basalt. Basalt is one of the most commonly occurring igneous or volcanic rocks used in construction.  It is supplied as building blocks, cobblestones and statues.  Bluestone paving comes in all shapes and sizes and until recently it was the trendiest …

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Thought it may be worthwhile doing a writeup of the main questions I get asked about paving. Hawthorn East – granite Ashburton B4 – bluestone Blackburn 12 – bluestone Glen Waverley 22 – oversize bluestone Bundoora 2 – sandstone Ashburton A 7 – bluestone Brighton Caulfield Camberwell Marybyrnong 7 – black slate Vermont South B Paving v decking Which one should you go for?  Basically it boils down to …

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Trellises or frames are probably one of the more useful structures to be considered in garden design.  Why? They add a bit of visual interest and are at times functional!  Therefore, if you’re thinking of creating a space that seems like an enclosed room or a special destination where you want to be in the garden, don’t hesitate to use one! With trends in landscape design shifting towards ideas …

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Camberwell garden design in Melbourne by Inspiring Landscape Solutions

A retaining wall using sleepers are not difficult to install and can definitely be attempted by any DIYer with a bit of time and muscle! Sleepers generally come in two types – treated pine or red gum. Although we have installed some in railway sleepers (looks amazing but it is costlier). What’s the right type of wood based sleeper for you? Using treated pine sleepers for building a retaining wall …

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The rare occurrence Occasionally, we meet clients who are well researched and have a reasonably good idea of what they want and how much it will all cost.  All they needed from us is to complete the picture by confirming a couple of things they were thinking of doing and a quick sketch of what the overall result will look like. In this instance we will usually offer to …

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