August, 2020

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Front garden beds of a new build in Camberwell lit up at night
Planning is everything I know that the outdoor design bug doesn’t usually hit most people until the first lovely spring day. I advise anyone that contacts me that they will have a better result if the process starts way earlier than that. With more people now working from home, I see that people have now taken the time to think about when they should start their garden design. When's best…
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Urban food garden in productive part of Bundoora landscape design
Spring is just around the corner! Have you ever considered a vegetable patch in your garden? We love creating gardens for families who appreciate the importance and value of growing your own food!⁠⠀ Here are some practical tips on considering vegetable patches for your design:⁠⠀ Choosing the location and aspect ⁠⠀ Materials to be used in the garden bed, eg softwood v hardwood, the chemicals in wood treatment/leeching and considering…
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