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Red neoregelia feature bromeliad and red daisies in planting design
Wow, what a month it’s been so far!  If you haven’t kept up with me lately, you might not have known I had one of my border garden designs presented at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show (MIFGS) last week. It was a fantastic experience that I’d do again if given a chance. A Bit About MIFGS MIFGS is Australia's premier horticultural event. It brings together some of the…
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Sneak peak of my eclectic garden at MIFGS 2023
I find competitions fun, and you’ve got nothing to lose. So, I entered the competition that the London College of Garden Design put on for the Border Gardens category. So what is a Border Garden?  In layman’s terms, this means a planting design for a small space garden. With the increase of units and apartments, many of us don’t have large backyards as we used to, BUT we still want…
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Bright pink rose arbour
It's no secret that spending time in nature can calm our minds and bodies. We all know that laughter is good for us, and we often feel better after we’ve had a good laugh. What if I told you that gardens and plants could be better for your health than a good laugh? Let’s look at both laughter and gardens. Always Feel Great After A Good Laugh Laughter is great…
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Custom deck shaped like a river bed joining a wall to wall cascading water feature in Maribyrnong landscape design
Creating a healing garden in your backyard can be incredibly beneficial and relaxing. Not only does it provide you with an outdoor escape to enjoy the beauty of nature, but it can also help improve your physical and mental health. Healing gardens are places of tranquillity and refuge. They have been used for centuries to restore, refresh and relax the body, mind and soul. They may be small or large, but…
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With working lives becoming busier and its becoming more expensive to travel to an oasis, why not create a home oasis of your own?  A balcony garden is a perfect initiative!! Personally, its not about adding to clutter, but its about organising your space to be more of what you need in life with plant friends along the way and which can improve the air quality to boot!! There are…
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