October, 2020

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White iceberg rose in Blackburn landscape design
Biophilia xxx The core areas of biophilia in garden design The belief that people will spend more on spaces or views that connect with nature.  This has been the case for landscape design where people are realising the benefits of that connection and are therefore more interested in doing up their homes to achieve that goal. An example landscape design wise is an existent tree with a historical connection with…
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View of front entry stepper path from the street in Burwood landscape design by Parveen Dhaliwa
Key players and timing Recognition of the need for designer involvement right client -designer team talking early to various parties Timing - didn't leave to the last minute and wasn't too early either as construction changes The construction team Although I personally have not tried this way of propagating, you’re able to buy some quality seeds from reputable online nurseries in Australia due to quarantine restrictions. The design Pick one…
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