November, 2019

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Red rose in Vermont South garden design by Parveen Dhaliwal
My association with roses goes back to my childhood.  For me, it was the distinctive perfume of the rose that my mum grew that drew us to this plant.  Even risking a cut or two from its thorns just to take as many deep breaths in of its intoxicating perfume! My mum is the real gardener in the family and who has the most green fingers.  There is nothing that…
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Closeup of jasmine used in Vermont South garden design
Jasmines - love them to bits!  Have a look around right now and they should be at their flowering best.  I'm writing this from my deck where I've surrounded myself with the variety of my choice. Reminds me of home. Reminds me of my childhood experiences.  Can't go wrong with a scented garden! There are many species and styles of jasmine available.  The biggest difference between jasmine varieties is their…
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