Cate Pozzi

June 8, 2018

Design stage – Totally love the results so far at the front.  So looking forward to the work starting on the rear courtyard based on the design skills that Parveen has been able to bring.  Definitely worth getting the advice rather than going with what I know.

Final result – Parveen’s approach to my job made her so easy to work with. Her ability to listen to what I told her about the space resulted in her selecting and sourcing plants that are thriving with strong western sun, or a shaded courtyard. She didn’t try to just apply her ideas, she took mine and then challenged me to expand them so that the courtyard is way better than I would have ever imagined. She was prepared to work within my budget but highlighted how additional funds could be used to enhance the ideas. She appropriately project managed the jobs as well making it very easy for me.

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