Joyce Ong2_Ringwood North

June 10, 2020

This is my second time engaging Parveen. I had a 2 hour Colour consultation with her – mind blown! I was going to paint my back fence monument colour based on pinterest and other online recommendations, but after consulting Parveen she showed me what it would look like (sticking up colour swatches) I actually really didn’t like it! Thankfully I consulted her first! Now I have a couple of other options that I really like and just need to leave up (swatches) to see what it would look like at night. Also I was so lost with what colours to repaint my dated front house exterior. I tried to work it out on my own from looking at pinterest etc, neighbours etc but it was just sooo hard because every’s home was different. But now I know exactly what to do. Very confident that after I paint it, my house will be the nicest on the block! 🙂 See the colour swatches / colour combination we worked out… v my current house colour. It was really fun too! Looking at all the colour options. Parveen was very helpful with narrowing down options by explaining what it would look like (modern, fresh, cozy, warm, cold, ultra-modern….). Very very helpful! It was also great that I could check in with her while I was painting and bounce new ideas with her. She was very responsive.

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