MS Lim_Bundoora

August 1, 2016

My husband and I wanted a practical and functional backyard to accommodate our two active and growing kids. Previously our backyard was a haphazard zone with no eye appeal whatsoever. The transformation required a substantial amount of hard-scaping so apart from functionality,costs were at the forefront of our minds. The team at Inspiring Landscape Solutions (ILS) worked with us tirelessly through back and forth discussions until we came to an agreed project design and budget. The attention to detail is evidently translated into our now neat, practical and beautiful backyard. The boys absolutely love playing and cycling there and my husband and I enjoy the low maintenance garden beds and vegetable patch. We’ve harvested a couple of homegrown vegetables, herbs, figs, lemons and oranges from espalier varieties – a space-saving alternative to full trees as suggested by ILS, given that we have limited planting space. The sandstone-paved backyard has provided us an area to entertain with outdoor parties and bbqs.  We love our backyard transformation and would recommend Inspiring Landscape Solutions to those who want a one-stop landscape project design or management service and especially to those who are time-poor and have difficulty imagining what the end result would look like. They are very passionate about their work and will not hesitate to follow-up on your plant progress and are readily helpful when you need some landscape-related or planting advice.

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MS Lim_Bundoora - Inspiring Landscape Solutions