Meisha Miradhianty_Woollert

August 3, 2021

Our family recently moved to a newly-built house with bare landscape and know next to nothing about landscaping, plants, etc and only knew what we “kind of wanted” (or thought we wanted!). Our outdoor area is pretty small (a small piece in a new estate) so we wanted to make the most out of what we have. We decided to book an initial consultation with Parveen shortly after moving in to get her professional view on what our options are to make the house our home. Knowing her from her previous life, I know that she is a very detailed and result-oriented professional who also loves to have fun and throw some quirkiness in her thought process along the way to make each project a personal experience, which is exactly what she did during the consult. I’m glad we invested in the consult as Parveen opened up our eyes and gave us food for thought as well as some practical tips, tricks, do’s and don’t’s specific to our house environment factoring in all available info to her which we wouldn’t have otherwise thought about. She explained to us her reasoning for each suggestion to make sure we are informed of the cost/effort/benefits (or lack thereof) for each element in the long run which we really appreciated. I would highly recommend Parveen for anybody anywhere in their landscaping journey, no matter the size of the area you have – as I do believe she will add value not only to your space, but also to your knowledge base and decision making process.

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