Steven Nicola & Rhiannon Saint_Richmond

July 19, 2020

So our Richmond courtyard is now complete. My wife has typically high standards when it comes to style and design and I’m a perfectionist. Safe to say Parveen definitely had her work cut out. We are thrilled to say that it came together exactly how we envisioned and this is due to Parveen’s guidance and advice. We just completed the final piece of the puzzle which was planting all the plants with Parveen over 3-4 hours and she couldn’t have being more excited to get her hands dirty with us and project manage with the specificity of a tape measure the exact plant layout. The selection of plants surpassed our expectation and there was more than enough information passed on about the maintenance.
We look forward to Parveen coming round every 6-12 months for a garden check up and to see it all blossom into its potential

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